Sister Companies

Iran Tablo Co. Sister Companies

Intelligent Control & Processing Co. (ICP)

Intelligent Control & Processing Co. (ICP) is a System Integration Company which has been engaged with industry for more than a decade. ICP has established a remarkable track record throughout years of commitment to serve its clients across a diverse range of industries. ICP specializes in provision of a comprehensive range of products and services from Engineering to Turnkey Project Solutions, mainly with SIEMENS and ABB Automation Systems. Our Solutions are categorized for Process / factory Automation as below, as well as factory automation and Building Automation, Building Management System (BMS) / Distributed Control Systems (DCS) / Emergency Shut Down Systems (ESD) / Fire and Gas Systems (FGS) / Substation Automation, Power Distribution Control Systems (PDCS) / Power management Systems (PMS) ICP also has supply chain agreements with globally well-known brands on complimentary products such as Field Instruments, Sensors, Valves, Actuators, Motors and Drives.

Kirchner Solar Group Iranian (KSGI)

Kirchner Solar Group Iranian (KSGI) was established in 2017 as a privately funded joint venture between Iran Tablo Co. (ITC) and Germany’s kirchner solar group Gmbh (KSG). ITC as a leading brand in Iran’s electrical industry and KSG as a German frontrunner in innovative solar solutions, bring over 78 years of experience in power generation, distribution, control and associated EPC services in over 50 countries across five continents.

Sarcheshmeh Industrial Power Company (SIPCO)

Sarcheshmeh Industrial Power Company (SIPCO) was established in 1991 as a project service provider to meet the growing demand of industrial expansion in the Kerman province. During the company’s 25-year history, it has expanded its services into a full range Engineering, Consulting, and Implementation with its focus in Industrial Power Network and Industrial Plant installation. ITC and SIPCO joined forces and formed a formal partnership in 2010 after years' collaboration in numerous projects across the country.