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New Office

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Moving to Alfa Tower at Golshahr St.

Moving New Office to Alfa Tower at Golshahr St.

6/30/2019 4 years ago

The Largest Private Owned Rooftop Photovoltaic Plant

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The largest solar rooftop with a capacity of 627kW was opened in the country with the presence of national and provincial authorities

The largest Photovoltaic rooftop plant with capacity of 627kW was connected to the grid in the country with presence of national and provincial authorities.
The opening ceremony of 627kW solar plant was launched in the factory of Iran Tablo Company in Sepehr Industrial Park, Nazarabad, Alborz Province. According to SATBA’s public relations, the opening ceremony was held on April 9th, 2018 with presence of the representatives of Ministry of Energy, SATBA’s Deputies & Managers, representatives of the relevant organizations of the Alborz province, representatives of the Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, and the owner of Kirchner Solar Group GmbH company (German partner of ITC & and investor of the plant). The report adds at the ceremony, Mr. Zaferanchizadeh, SATBA's Deputy for development of non-governmental sector express his congratulatory message and gratitude of Dr. Sadeghzadeh, the respective deputy minister and Head of SATBA, who announced that SATBA's organization was in line with the development policies of the Ministry of Energy in the field of Clean & Renewable energy, strongly welcomes these activities. He expressed his hope that due to the significant records of Iran Tablo Company in the country's power industry, we would soon witness the construction of the solar power plants with the higher capacity developed by this company.

12/17/2018 4 years ago