UniTec-FP (ITC Design)

Unitec-FP (ITC Design) is medium voltage metal-clad, air-insulated, single busbar and factory assembled switchgear equipped with drawout SF6 circuit breaker rated voltage 24kV fully type tested in CESI/EPIL laboratories; they are designed for indoor application.

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Medium voltage, Metal enclosed, Air-insulated switchgear
SF6 insulated circuit breaker in withdrawable version
Fully type tested in CESI laboratory, 24kV, 1250A, 25kA/1Sec.


Description and characteristics

  • Metal-clad air-insulated switchboard.
  • Compartments segregated by means of metallic partitions.
  • Limited use of insulating materials.
  • Complete with mechanical safety interlocks.
  • Structure made of pre-galvanized sheet.
  • Putting into service, maintenance and service operations can be carried out from the front.
  • Equipped with conventional instrument transformers.
  • Wide range of functional units for any all installation solutions.
  • Easy-to-assemble modular structure.
  • UniTec-FP is medium voltage metal-clad switchgear suitable for indoor installations.
  • The unit compartments are metallically segregated from each other and the live parts are air insulated.


Environmental conditions
The switchgears are intended to use under the normal environmental conditions according to IEC for indoor installation:

Minimum ambient temperature         -5 °C
Maximum ambient temperature   +40 °C
Average value in 24 hours   +35 °C
Maximum relative humidity   95%
Maximum altitude   1000 m


Electrical characteristics of the switchgear

Rated voltage kV 24
Rated insulation level kV 24
Rated power frequency kV 50
Impulse withstand voltage kV 125
Rated frequency Hz 50
Main busbar rated current A 2500
Rated short-time withstand current (3s ) kA 25
Internal Arc (IAC) kA 25
Rated peak withstand current kV 63
Internal arc withstand current (0.5s) kA 25


Degrees of protection
The protection degrees for standard switchgear are as fallow:

  • External housing: IP4X
  • Inside the units: IP2X.