UniTec-40 (ITC Design)

The metal-enclosed, air insulated switchgear panels of the UniTec-H (ITC Design), is designed for use in 36kV and 40.5kV; 3150A; 40kA systems.

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The metal-enclosed, air insulated switchgear panels of the UniTec-40 (ITC Technology), is designed for use in 36kV; 3150A; 40kA systems. UniTec-40 is fully type tested in KERI / CESI / EPIL / LVT laboratories, they are designed for indoor applications. UniTec-40 medium-voltage primary switchgear offers the ideal combination of flexibility, reliability, availability, safety an economical solution for industrial and utility applications.


The metal enclosed, air insulated switchgear panels of the UniGear type ZS3.2 series, comply with the standards and specifications for factory-assembled and type tested high voltage switchgears. Designed for use in 36KV and 40.5kV system, they are designed for indoor application




Description and characteristics

  • Metal-clad air-insulated switchboard.
  • Suitable for primary distribution level.
  • Guaranteed arc-proof units.
  • Factory-tested for indoor installations.
  • Tested in accordance with the main international Standards.
  • Wide range of functional units available for all installation solutions.
  • Compartments segregated by metallic partitions.
  • Highly effective use of space.
  • Start-up, maintenance and service operations can be carried out from the front.
  • Apparatus handling with the door closed.
  • Complete with mechanical safety interlocks.
  • Earthing switch with full short circuit withstand capacity.
  • Studied to guarantee maximum service continuity.
  • Complete apparatus range: Vacuum circuit-breakers
  • Conventional or integrated protection and measurement systems.


Ambient conditions
The switchboard ratings are guaranteed under the following ambient conditions:

Minimum ambient temperature           -5 °C
Maximum ambient temperature   +40 °C
Maximum relative humidity   95%
Maximum altitude   1000 m


Electrical characteristics of the switchgear

Rated voltage kV 36
Rated insulation level kV 36
Power frequency withstand voltage kV 70
Lightning withstand voltage kV 170
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated current of busbar A Up to 3150
Rated current of the branch A 3150
Rated short-time withstand current (1s) kA 40
Internal Arc (IAC) kA 40
Rated peak withstand current kA 100


Degrees of protection
Unitec-40 switchgear are normally supplied with the following standard degrees of protection:

  • External housing: IP4X
  • Inside the units: IP2X.