UniKiosk - Compact Substation

UniKiosk is metallic self-standing Compact Substation from 200kVA to 1250 kVA

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UniKiosk is metallic self-standing Compact Substation (either thermal insulated or not) in Medium and Low voltage, Customized dimensions and totally factory assembled and tested in accordance with IEC I-622271 and IEC 62271-202 . In order to meet the safety requirements, access to HV, LV equipment and transformer is considered through separate doors at different side of kiosk, which will be practically accessible for access and repair from the doors of the same access area.





UniKiosk Compact Substation benefits from many technical and economic advantages as described below:

  1. Reduced space requirements (Use of Equipment with minimum space and Compact Size)
  2. Easy Installation and operation of power supply (Pre-Built Kiosk)
  3. Attention to higher safety as well as reliability (Known Equipment and Complete Factory Test Procedure)
  4. More focus to customer requirements (Customization)
  5. Matching equipment and design with installation environment (Mechanical and Thermal design)
  6. Easy operation (No special training needed)
  7. Long Lifetime (Designed for 30 years)