UniGear ZS3.2 (ABB Technology)

Metal-clad AIS Unigear ZS3.2 (Robust and Compact)

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The metal enclosed, air insulated switchgear panels of the UniGear type ZS3.2 series, comply with the standards and specifications for factory-assembled and type tested high voltage switchgears. Designed for use in 36KV and 40.5KV system, they are designed for indoor application.


Description and characteristics

  • UniGear type ZS3.2 robust and compact:

The panel is constructed by bolting together double folded components, manufactured from Sheet steel, to form an extremely rigid construction.
Primary circuit insulation and optimized conductor shape provide the platform for a compact Air insulated panel.



  • UniGear type ZS3.2 safe and reliable:

All components are separated from each other by earthed sheet steel components to give a true Metal-enclosed construction the three high voltage compartment are fitted with pressure relief Plated on the top of the panel. overpressure, in the event of an internal fault, will be released Upward limiting damage to adjacent compartments as well as to personnel.

  • UniGear type ZS3.2 availability and flexibility:

Vacuum of SF6 circuit breaker technology is available.
Circuit breakers with the same rating are interchangeable irrespective of switching technology. Versatile panel arrangements allow most switchgear configurations to be implemented.

  • UniGear type ZS3.2 suitable for all applications:

Complies with IEC standard.
Technical data, including high dielectric withstand capability, allows application in most System where electrical energy is generated distributed or utilized.
This offer covers the supply of ABB Unigear factory assembled; metal clad single Bus-bar Panels equipped with withdrawable circuit breakers.


Ambient conditions
The switchboard ratings are guaranteed under the following ambient conditions:

Minimum ambient temperature          -5 °C
Maximum ambient temperature   +40 °C
Maximum relative humidity   95%
Maximum altitude   1000 m


Electrical characteristics of the switchgear

Rated voltage kV 36 40.5
Rated insulation voltage kV 36 40.5
Power frequency withstand voltage kV 70 95
Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV 170 185
Rated frequency Hz 50-60 50-60
Main busbar rated current A 3150 3150
Rated current of the branch connections A Up to 3150 Up to 3150
Rated peak withstand current kA 80 80


Degrees of protection
Unigear switchgear are normally supplied with the following standard degrees of protection:

  • External housing: IP4X
  • Inside the units: IP2X.