UCAP - MV Capacitor Bank

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UCAP Medium Voltage capacitor banks are designed, manufactured and adapted to the specific requirment of each client. A high quality intelligent design brings advantages to your project from the start. By default inrush reactor will be installed and based on client's request, it can be replaced by detuned reactor.

The type of MV capacitor banks will be available as following:

  • Fix MV Capacitor bank for parallel connection with MV motors
  • Fix MV capacitor bank for total compensation
  • Flicker (Multi-Steps) MV capacitor banks controlled by regulator



Electrical characteristics of the switchgear

Rated voltage kV Up to 36kV
Rated insulation level kV Up to 36kV
Power Range MVAR Undefined
(limited by design)
Connection   Single or double star equipped with unbalanced CBCT
Installation   Indoor/Outdoor, side-by-side or stacked
Temperature range   -5 to +40°C
Protection degree   IP42 (Outdoor design on request)
Ambient condition   Designed for wind, snow, seismic requirements
Structures (Indoor)   Painted steel sheet, copper bars and wires