Process Control Panels

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Control Panels-Automation Solutions

The company is equipped with a complete set of tools and all the skills required to engineer and manufacture efficient cost effective automation systems, with a variety of applications in different industries.



Process Automation

Process Automation is the backbone of any modern plant. Our system design approach allows plant operators to achieve the highest levels of efficiency while ensuring a safe and compliant plant operation. Our range of Automation Systems is comprehensive and ranges from PLC based control systems for water treatment plants to complex DCS based systems managing complex onshore and offshore plants. Process Automation & Safety systems may be titled as:

●DCS: Distributed Control System

●FCS: Fieldbus Control System

●PCS: Process Control System

●ICS: Integrated Control System

●SCS: Supervisory Control System

●CMS: Condition Monitoring System

●ESD: Emergency Shutdown System

●SIS: Safety Integrated System

●F&G: Fire and Gas System


Substation Automation

Substation Automation and Protection provides reliable and efficient systems for vital network nodes as well as for small substations used in transmission and distribution networks. They provide a multitude of functions and applications for data acquisition, control, monitoring and protection. Our solutions offer flexible configurations for seamless integration in line with the latest IEC 61850 standards for substation automation systems.

Additionally, Power Management Systems include important functions for reliable operation of an industrial power grid. Plant managers recognize the importance of ensuring electrical system uptime and reducing overall energy consumption for efficient operations and sustained productivity levels in plants. For this very reason, plant operators look for a Power Management System that not only improves the reliability of electrical distribution but also optimizes generation whilst reducing overall consumption. Our solutions are designed based on proven load sharing, load shedding, automatic transferring and motor restarting logic that help our customers achieve a reliable and stable energy supply for their specific plant demands.

Substation Automation Systems may be referred to as:

●SAS: Substation Automation System

●DCS: (Substation) Distributed Control System

●SCS: Substation Control System

●PMS: Power Management System

●PDCS: Power Distribution Control

●EMS: Energy Management System


Building Automation

Building Automation Systems bring comfort, safety & security, energy management and luxurious lifestyle to modern buildings. Thanks to open communication standards and interfaces, we integrate a multitude of different building control disciplines ranging from HVAC and Lighting to safety features and equipment; enabling an integrated communication platform to deliver the information needed for users to make smarter decisions and wisely control the operations. Building Automation Systems can be integrated into all building types, sizes, and applications. We believe our BAS/BMS designs to be ingenious solutions incorporating world-class technologies.

Our Building Automation Systems cover the following areas:

●BMS: Building Management System

●BAS: Building Automation System

●HAS: Home Automation System