MNS/R (ABB Technology)

MNS R Low Voltage Switchgear

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MNS R main low voltage distribution switchgear with rear access was designed for use in large electrical installations such as those in petrochemical plants, steel works, rolling mills, power stations, oil rigs, ships, etc. The service conditions in these plants are often extremely severe: the high currents involved and effective short-circuit levels require high performance switchgear.

In addition, safe conditions for the personnel, service continuity, easy inspection, maintenance, construction and installation must also be guaranteed. Simply installed extensions and compact overall dimensions are a must.

MNS R Power Center switchgear fully complies with all these requirements. But that's not all. Since it integrates perfectly into all the latest generation ABB apparatus, compliance with all market requirements is guaranteed.


Environmental conditions
The switchgear ratings are guaranteed under the following environmental conditions:

Minimum ambient temperature           -5 °C
Maximum ambient temperature   +40 °C
Maximum relative humidity   95%
Maximum altitude   2000 m


Technical Data

Standards and Testing

Verification by testing IEC 60439-1, IEC61439-1/-2, EN60439-1, CEI 60439-1
Test Certificates ABB SACE, ACAE LOVAG, SINAL, Cesi and Ismes

Electrical Data

Rated insulation voltage Ui V AC / V DC  1000 / 1500
Rated operating voltage Ue V AC / V DC 690 / 750
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp kV Up to 12kV
Overvoltage category   II / III / IV
Degree of pollution No. 3
Rated frequency Hz 50 - 60
Rated current Ie A Up to 8000
Rated peak withstand current Ipk kA Up to 330
Rated short-time withstand current Icw kA Up to 150
Rated current Ie A Up to 4000
Rated peak withstand current Ipk kA Up to 264
Rated short-time withstand current Icw kA Up to 120

Arc Proof

Tested according IEC 61641 75 kA, 0.5 s at 690 V
  100 kA, 0.3 s at 415 V